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Driving is a passion for many and any drive can be comfortable only if the car is in good condition. Whether it is a local drive to the market, a day trip or a weekend travel, your car has to be in perfect condition for you to enjoy your drive. Having your vehicle checked with Spot On Vehicle Inspections Perth is the best way to go about it. There are many inspections that should be done to make sure that your car does not breakdown on the way and spoil your complete holiday mood. Some of the main ones are mentioned in and are of great help to get you prepared. Check out these tips for inspecting your car for both day-to-day and long-distance driving.

Tips for Car Inspection
· Doing an inspection on your car every single day is something that is not a feasible solution. Still, a few quick inspections should be done on a regular basis like weekly or bi-weekly, to make sure that your vehicle is in a condition that is safe for driving.
· Look in and around the car, particularly if there are any sharp items that are lying in the driveway. It doesn’t have to be big, even a small toy could cause considerable damage to the vehicle. Also, check out for any fluid leakage and be sure that there is nothing.
· Inspect the tires to make sure that they are not turning flat, check them with a professional even if you have the slightest doubt. The front and the back tires of the car have to be interchanged once in awhile so that not all the driving pressure is on the same set of tires.
· Do an inspection of all the lights and indicators so that you are not running into trouble later.
· Check all the windows and the mirrors for any cracks or breakage. Even the cleanliness is important when you are driving the car.
· Take a look at the warning lights and the make a note of the fluid levels.
· You also need to take a look into all the cabin systems including the air conditioning, defrosting and heating systems have to be in place.
· The seat belts have to be checked as they are the most important thing when it comes to safety.
· Check out the charge in the battery. A perfect road trip can be ruined if your car doesn’t start as all your travel plans will go haywire.
· The windshield wipers and the washer systems should all be in place.

In addition to all the inspection tips given above, you must have a first aid kit, a fully working GPS, a spare tire, tools for changing the tire. Also, check all your tools before you set out on any long journey so that you are not caught in the middle of nowhere without the necessary ones. Most important of all, the paperwork for the car should be in place, check for the validity of all and keep them in an easy-to-access location in the car, preferably in the dashboard.

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